PASSED NCLEX on 3rd attempt!! - page 2

I have to admit that at one point I thought I might as well look into another career because I felt so dumb and always unprepared but things turned around for me. I graduated in May 2011 and tested... Read More

  1. by   nanajin
    I Love this post, i can already tell that you're a kindhearted person & probably one of the best nurse right now
  2. by   nanajin
    Thanks for your response, I really really want to be a Nurse =). I never thought i am going to love this nursing world because that wasn't my first career choice but as i continue to study and having to work in the hospital back home changes my perspective life. What else could be more rewarding job than helping people in illness & make changes in their lives.
  3. by   Bluerose93
    Aloha! Congratulations! Thank you very much for such a wonderful encouragement.I myself failed the NCLEX-RN twice.I was devastated after the 2nd time and it took me months since my exam this February of this year to have courage to try again.I will be taking my NCLEX for the 3rd time soon.Reading all the positive comments and stories that are amazing just like yours makes me come here now in AN forum. I'm new to these thread but it really helps me a lot not to give up for my dream of becoming a nurse.Again,thank you for sharing your story.God bless you