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I have to admit that at one point I thought I might as well look into another career because I felt so dumb and always unprepared but things turned around for me. I graduated in May 2011 and tested... Read More

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    Just don't give up!! I don't know what you are using for study materials but I used Hurst, Exam Cram, lacharity, Mosby's flash cards, and NCLEX 4000. I would do one subject at a time. Hurst broke it down into sections and I would watch their video, read the packet that I filled out along with the video, read their book then I went to my other study materials and focused only on that subject and when I was done I used NCLEX 4000 and Saunders CD and tested myself on just the one subject. When I felt good with it I moved on. You can do this, you graduated nursing school for a reason!
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    Quote from vnickor
    HI there, i recently took the test too and waiting for my results... I lost count to how many alternate items I got. I know for sure I got quite a few satas, few of drag and drops, couple of exhibits, and NO math. I thought that freaked me out.

    I don't know what I feel right now. I stopped at 75, I left the test center happy and confident, but now I am doubting myself...
    I doubted myself too, even after I got home and did PVT and got the good pop up. After two times of failing I wasn't sure what confident felt like. I got my quick results and was so relieved to see PASS that I still didn't believe it, I think it will set in once I get my license GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU PASSED!
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    Quote from carvit3308
    i just wanted to say thank you...I graduated in May 2011 too and I will be taking the NCLEX for the third time soon and i, just like you, felt discouraged and wanted to quit after the second time. I too considered another career choice but at 24 and being a wife and a mom starting over is not an option. Your story has really encouraged me to keep trying. In school i wasnt the best student but i did manage to get my associates in 15 months in a very rigorous program so that has to count for something. Anyhow thanks again and congratulations on passing!
    JUST DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! You can do this I wanted to give up so badly and just forget that I ever tried, but as I was thinking of what other career options might interest me I felt that nothing came close to how I felt when I was in the hospital taking care of people. This is what I want to do, this is what I love to do and I eventually told myself that I will take the test as many times as I have to, and I will hand over the money for the review materials and courses (even though it hurt and cut deep into my pockets!) because I would rather pay off my debt slowly over my lifespan while doing something that I truly love! Stay positive and I will be praying for you!! I as well was not a very good student, I often felt like I was stupid for not knowing the answer to a question in class or in clinicals but It just takes some people a little longer to get there. I actually failed out of my first med/surge class in my PN year and struggled through my RN year. I thought I was a gonner when I got a pthetic 50% on my respiratory test at the end of my RN year but managed to pull it up to a low B and graduate. We graduated so we can do this
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    I Love this post, i can already tell that you're a kindhearted person & probably one of the best nurse right now
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    Thanks for your response, I really really want to be a Nurse =). I never thought i am going to love this nursing world because that wasn't my first career choice but as i continue to study and having to work in the hospital back home changes my perspective life. What else could be more rewarding job than helping people in illness & make changes in their lives.
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    Aloha! Congratulations! Thank you very much for such a wonderful encouragement.I myself failed the NCLEX-RN twice.I was devastated after the 2nd time and it took me months since my exam this February of this year to have courage to try again.I will be taking my NCLEX for the 3rd time soon.Reading all the positive comments and stories that are amazing just like yours makes me come here now in AN forum. I'm new to these thread but it really helps me a lot not to give up for my dream of becoming a nurse.Again,thank you for sharing your story.God bless you

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