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Passed Nclex at 205

  1. 4 So i passed the nclex at 205 for the third try, all finishing at 205. I had 21 sata, 15 drugs, about 10 drag and drops, and the rest priority and delegation. i was so surprised coz i was so sure i failed that test. Well thank God. Anything is possible. Have Faith!
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    Congrats. How do you change your studies this time?
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    Congrats, must be a great feeling. What did you do to study different this time?
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    congrats so happy for u hope ur life rocks from here on
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    Yay congrats Nurse =))
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    Thank you !
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    Thank You! The last two times i used hurst. This time around all i did was practise questions, i used saunders and took the 3 week ncsbn review course. i would do 300 questions a day, split in morning, afternoon and night. Read the rationals and if i didnt know something i research it. Most importantly pray and have faith. no negative thoughts, i treated it like it was the first time im taking the nclex, forget the past.
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    This is great advice. Thank you.
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    CONGRATS!!! I'm taking mine sooooon and faaafreakin out! LOL