NLEX-RN "delivery successful?"

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    So i had accomodations for NCLEX-RN and had to schedule exam over phone. I took exam yesterday and when i go to pearsonvue website, it says my results arent availabe at this time, but under status it days delivery successful. I got 265 , which makes me super nervous!!

    Does the delivery successful have anything to do with passing or failing?!

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    Make sure it says delivery successful
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    It does, does that mean pass or fail? Or does it just mean my results have been calculated just not released?
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    Delivery successful jeans you test has been sent to your board of nursing. You can also do the trick when your status says delivery sucessful. To see your results you have to wait 48 hrs after you take the test if your start participates in the quick results
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    Thanks! Just hoping i've passed!
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    Quote from tg2468
    Thanks! Just hoping i've passed!

    Think positive thoughts. I did the trick every hr on the hr just because I was scared that the trick wouldn't work anymore. Until I got fed up and couldn't wait the 48 hrs to pay for the quick results, I called my BON and put on my sad voice and the lady ended up telling me I passed lol
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    Quote from tg2468
    It does, does that mean pass or fail? Or does it just mean my results have been calculated just not released?
    It means your test was sent to be scored successfully. Try the trick, and if you can't re-register, then you passed.
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    Congrats! Wish I could try the trick, but it states my results aren't avaliable at this time. trying to stay positive! Thanks!
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    Did not pass. Very discouraged.
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    Hey do not let this bring you down. I failed my first try at 265 and passed at 75 on my second time. You should take a couple of days to clear your head and not think about nursing. Once that is settled, go back to the drawing board and change up your style of studying/preparation for the test. For me, the first time I failed it, I focused too much on the content and didn't emphasize a lot on test taking strategies. NCSBN and Kaplan course did help me with the test tasting strategies, so if you haven't tried them yet, I suggest you should. Just focus on being positive, and I assure you will be in a much better position.

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