New Grad RN/PNís (Almost) Complete Guide to the Best NCLEX Review Guides! - page 2

warning: this is very long and drawn out…but hopefully, it’s helpful! hi there! :typing after much observation on this forum as to what is the best study guide(s) for new grads, i felt it would be best to allow the... Read More

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    I love the references, thanks! =]

    Goodluck to us future RNs.

    Keeping my hopes high.

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    need HELP!!!! i just failed the NCLEX again! It was my 4th time. can anyone give me advice on which guide is useful for repeaters (RN NCLEX). Is it better to read the book or do questions. Thanks!
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    Sorry to hear you failed. There are many posts on what worked for whom. May want to consider doing questions and reading the rationales. I would only suggest reading/studying if it is an area you are struggling to answer questions in
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    Thanks silverdragon102. I'm searching the web and thinking of getting the current study guide for NCLEX-RN. I was reading some post about the test being changed on April 2010.
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    hi. sorry to hear about your results. we are on the same boat, i'll be taking mine, it'll be my 4th, next year. didn't schedule it yet until i'm pretty confident taking the exam again. talking about getting paranoid huh..where are you from?
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    hello. answer to your question is... I'm in the US. I live in Northern California.

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