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Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you... Read More

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    Still studying and doing Kaplan at this moment. My ncsbn expired last 2weeks ago. So far, i feel like I'm improving. I just did my qtrainer 6 today for Kaplan. Last two months ago I got 54%. But after using ncsbn and PDA I got 70%. I feel like my priority improved and content. How about you guys?
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    My ncsbn expires Sept 1. I paid for the kaplan online class anywhere it starts Monday so ill share my q bank %. I reschedule my NCLEX for mid Sept :/ I didn't feel ready. I was suppose to take it this past Friday. So, ya..... I'm doing saundars cd all day today but since I have seen the answers already it sucks. I need new questions I never seen before
    I really don't like redo same q's over and over again.
    When will you take your NCLEX ?
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    I'm so nervous too, I'll be taking my second attempt this sept 8. I don't know if I'm ready or not. But try my best to study as much as I can. I'm also going over hurst 5days notes. Reading the study guide that got here at night before I go to sleep. Lab values I also go through as I encounter them through questions. But I also look at my lab values. If I don't know some of the content info I google it and read through. I also listen to hurst videos. At least 1 topic a day.
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    Sept 10 for me.
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    My NCLEX is a few days after yours.
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    Good luck healthstar!!! Keep us posted how many SATA q's etc? What are you reviewing the last final days til NCLEX?
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    How are you doing RN1mid?
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    Been busy studying and haven't had time to check in. I'm scheduled to attend Hurst Live Review in 2 weeks and I'll be using a different book for intensive review starting in September. I stopped at B&N bookstore today and browsed Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN by MaryAnn Hogan. I like the layout and format of this book compared to ones I already have. Straight to the point, content is outlined which best fit my type of learning. I tried to read Saunders again but... it's just way too overwhelming for me.

    @ Assess&Safety1st, jayz1989, healthstar Good luck to you guys and everyone else taking the exam in the next few weeks. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I'll pray for your success! Breathe...say a prayer...breathe some more and pray...pray...pray! Please keep us updated on this thread
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    Thank you.....
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    Hi! im still on the process of looking a good online review. and i am considering NCSBN... is it really good? are the reading materials printable? what if im gonna miss a day (suppose i have to travel somewhere where there is no internet connection) can i take the scheduled lesson for that day to the next day? pls reply. it would really much be appreciated. thank you!
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