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Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If... Read More

  1. by   Assess&Safety1st
    I did two chapters of LaCharity yesterday. I also did q's bank 3 and amazing recd 85% on two q's, one 95%, I was shock but happy. I did pretest score 60% of 150 q's I have been taking my time reading question twice then picking the best answer. 2 more weeks for my NCLEX, and I had anxiety yesterday.
  2. by   Assess&Safety1st
    I'm up and about to start more questions in LaCharity. Early in morning I do 2 chapters in LaCharity before I do ncsbn or saundars. It's a must.
  3. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Oh I also review my labs yesterday writing them down a few times and also review alln*r*es study guide, I'm reading first 15 pages since Monday trying to memorize information, too. Today will be drug review on flashcards thru ncsbn
    I have not done VATI yet I have two assessment waiting for me from my instructer but that's last today
  4. by   rn1mid
    Thanks begosh I got it

    Assess&Safety1st Oh yah go girl! Keep going

    I have a question here:
    What's the difference between "whole number" and "nearest whole number" for answering math questions?

  5. by   Assess&Safety1st
    RN1mind, I did well in chap 8 hematologic problems, wow!
    Math, awe, that.....
  6. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Healthstar, how long have you been doing VATI? What assessment area are you doing? Did you get "green light"? LOL
  7. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Begosh, I keep getting same % on pretest, ahhhh!!!!
  8. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Futurelpn2012 & dream2bnurse1234, did you both start ncsbn review?
  9. by   down4michelle24
    Is NCSBN worth it ? I have couple more weeks till the Nclex . And would like to study more ..
  10. by   begosh
    Quote from Assess&Safety1st
    Begosh, I keep getting same % on pretest, ahhhh!!!!
    You're referring to NCSBN pre-test? Here's what I do...

    When I get an answer right (but was not sure when I initally chose it...meaning...the answer sounded good and sort of made sense and somewhat fit the question ), I would research further to validate why it's correct. NCSBN rationales are too minimal for my brain...I need a little more detail to better understand it.

    Don't rush and read the questions slowly. Sometimes I find myself missing a word or two when I first read the question (when my ADHD kicks in )....because at this point, I'm probably tired of studying and just want to get it over with.

    Let's keep our heads together and say a prayer. WE GOT THIS!
  11. by   begosh
    Quote from down4michelle24
    Is NCSBN worth it ? I have couple more weeks till the Nclex . And would like to study more ..
    NCSBN requires a LOT of content reading and there's post tests at the end of each section. Because I graduated eons ago, I find it quite beneficial as I need all the help I can get.

    Have you utilized NCLEX RN 3500?

    Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version
  12. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Yes, I've been using that website and I love it!!! They have a bunch of SATA, which I need help in. I always seem to miss an answer with SATA

    Yes, I don't know I don't plan retake pretest exam again.

    Friday night and studying lol rationals I'm doing LaCharity, I'm on my 3rd chapter of the day. Many people say its a must have book before NCLEX, so ya.
  13. by   Assess&Safety1st
    That reminds me I gotta do VATI, I told you Haha its on back burner lol
    I don't know if I can do VATI tonight another hour of this!