NCLEX tuesday

  1. OMG the countdown is on!!! I take my exam tuesday for the first time since graduating in deceber. I am soooo nervous i feel like i know nothing for the past few days I have been doing NCBSN and scoring above 70s and 80s on most quizzes. I have also been doing qbank questions and scoring in the 50s and 60s . NCLEX 4000 70s... what really worries me is SATA questions Im not so good at it and the ones on NCLEX 4000 keep on repeating themselves. I really hope I pass first time honestly the last 2 months have been like hell for me. I didnt fully finish watching kaplan videos because they are just boring but i did hurst and felt more focused with it. I have been tempted to change my exam date but i think im just going to take it and get it over with.
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  3. by   St_Claire
    I couldn't stand waiting any longer and moved mine up by two weeks so I could get it over with. The stress and worry is just ridiculous and counterproductive. You have great scores! Have confidence in yourself; you can do this.
  4. by   70east
    NCLEX in 2 days!!!! OMG i cnt help not to feel anxious I have studied for 2 months and still feel like i need more time scores on NCBSN are in high 60-70s... SATA questions are driving me crazy!!!
  5. by   St_Claire
    We all stink at SATA questions. Do your best, take your time. You've got this in the bag.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!
  6. by   70east
    I passed!!! good pop up 75 questions!!!
  7. by   St_Claire
    Quote from 70east
    I passed!!! good pop up 75 questions!!!
    Yay!!!! Congratulations Nurse!!!