NCLEX tomorrow and SCARED

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    I am scheduled to sit for the NCLEX tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I have been reviewing for about two weeks using ATI and Saunders. I do not feel prepared at ALL for this test. My question is, does anybody ever feel completely prepared? Is this a normal feeling? I got a 99% on my ATI comp predictor exam. I took a 4 day live review through ATI and was given more online assessments that I could take to study and learn my weaknesses however was told to aim at getting at least a 60% on them. Well, I only got a 53% in nursing care of children and a 48% in leadership. I have gone back and reviewed the material I missed but I just don't feel like I am ready for this test. At this point it's too late to reschedule so I am just going to go for it and hope for the best. Fingers are crossed.

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    Sending prayers your way. I pray you pass. Rest and relax tonight ( I know, easier said then done) and rock that exam tomorrow AM. Keep us posted.
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    You will do great!! I take my exam tomorrow so I know how you feel! I graduated last month and have been studying for the past 3 weeks also! I used ati, Saunders, and exam cram to study and my school also uses ati predictor to see our pass rates! I took it twice and got an 88% followed by a 97% pass rate!! I'm sure we will both do great!! Try to relax (I'm watching some tv) and not stress out!! I find that I do better on test when I relax the day before!!!
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    Relax if others can..... You can. Read only your lab values just for refresher...

    This night
    Take couple of deep breathe
    Bathe with very warm water
    Drink a cup of warm milk
    Eat some eggs

    eat something sweet like grapes or any of your favorite fruit ->to feed your brain sugar
    then eat complex carbohydrate -> maintanace
    you will be suprise at your smart critical thinking
    ABOVE ALL Pray! pray!!pray!!!
    Good luck.
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    I took mine today
    It was hard as all get out
    but...... I counted the SATA
    I the more I got the more confident I got
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    Have you done the PVT,
    Hummm you making me scared now,
    am yet to take mine.
    Good luck!
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    I feel exactly the same way, but I don't think anyone ever feels ready to take the NCLEX. There is just so much to know and study that you can't possibly learn it all. I think that the best thing to do is just go in there and do your best. There is always the possibility that it will end badly, but then you just have to try again until you pass. Most people will tell you to relax and not study, but personally I'll probably study until the last possible second because that last bit of info might be the thing that helps me pass. Best of luck to you and anyone else taking the test soon.
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    Quote from supermancokitty
    I took mine today
    It was hard as all get out
    but...... I counted the SATA
    I the more I got the more confident I got
    Is it true that the more SATA that you get, the better you are performing? I read somewhere else that somebody thought this was true. I guess I will be tallying on my white board all of the SATA that I get during my test.

    Thanks everyone for the advice and positive thoughts! Im praying this works out. I haven't had a job since October and can't really afford to keep sinking 300 dollars on this test if I fail.
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    The money you spend on the NCLEX, your licensing fees, fingerprinting etc. is all tax deductible. Keep your receipts!!
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    Best of luck tomorrow!! You're going to do fantastic!! If it makes you feel any better, I did all the ATI stuff as well. I scored in the same percentages in the same areas as you. I took NCLEX in December. 30 minutes, 84 questions, 75 were SATA. I honestly didn't feel the least little bit prepared for boards, but I made myself remain calm by saying, "It's only one test. IF I don't do well today, I'll come back and take it again. I worked too hard to stop now." (I will admit that once I got back out to the car AFTER the test, I boo-hooed all over my husband's I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and a hooded sweatshirt over a tshirt. You won't be allowed to wear a jacket into the testing area, but a hoodie is okay. I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but since the testing facilities may be cooler or warmer inside, I'd wear layers that I can remove easily if it gets too hot. Other than that, relax and during the test don't forget to breathe. You made it through NS, you can do this too!!! Good luck, God bless, and sweet dreams tonight.
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