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NCLEX tomorrow....

  1. 0 I know it's "bad luck" to tell people when your testing date is (blah blah) but I wanted to tell you guys that I have it tomorrow at 8 am (UGH lol) in a city that's about an hour away. I have made a nice little driving & getting pumped up music list for the drive & am taking my Adderall as well as my Ativan (ha! Whatever works....).

    I don't feel confident at ALL, as I have been doing practice questions that seem ridiculously hard & sometimes seem almost made up I still don't have my damn lab values down (I swear, things leave my brain directly after I learn them) but all I can do is my best.
    I will write & let everyone know how it goes.
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    Good luck! You can do it!
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    Hey! Funny I put up my date tomorrow too! I feel sick over it and burned out really haha. But sending prayers your way! Take it easy and get pumped! You got this!
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    Thanks you two!! Dreazy, I am rooting for you & I hope to see good results from you in the near future!!!!! I'm sending good thoughts your way
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    Praying for you please pray for me as well. I am taking mines Sept 24 @ 1 pm
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    Goodluck all to you Guys! Wishing all the success and All of you would Pass!
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    I got all questions and the bad pop up. Hoping for the "real result" to be passing but I know it's not.
    Quite devestated but all I can so is move forward. I know they won't hold the job for me which is life.
    Hope everyone else was successful!!!
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    I got 75 questions I don't even know how I did. I got the payment page as well. It was not what I expected.
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    I'm truly sorry to hear that. Sometimes that trick doesn't work. It'll give a false negative
    So just hold tight. Keep me posted??
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    Kari, i also had full 265 with 45 sata! Pvt let me re-register... Not happy either </3
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, Gina Everything has changed now hasn't it?
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    Please please please don't get discouraged. Wait for the official results then make a plan B! You all were destined to do this and things do happen to make you or break you. But don't give up!
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    Dreazy, did you get the "good popup"? I hope so
    It's hard to not get discouraged. Sure, there's a chance that I could have passed but that chance is very small & I can't bank on it. I was born to be a nurse, that I know, & WHEN I pass boards I will be a damn good just sucks that I'm sure my awesome
    Job I have lined up won't be there when I finally do pass. Damn all the luck....