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1/17/12: took the NCLEX today after spending the last three weeks preparing- spending all day studying, 8am-6 pm. I did over 4000 questions from multiple sources. Completed the entire Kaplen... Read More

  1. by   astarrh1
    Congrats, you passed!!! I was the same way, I wouldn't believe it until I saw my name on my BON website. Congrats again!!!
  2. by   JezzR
    Omg! You seriously stated everything that has been on my mind!! congrats I really hope the pop up works!!

    Nursing has really been a journy.. from beginning to now, I also took nclex January 17 I had been buried in my books for two week, lots kaplan qts, Saunders, lacharity, and yes old notes as well.. now waiting to see my results, I got the good pop up.. Just skeptical to fully celebrate... then the final step like you said shall be the JOB!!

    I get emotional when i see my books piles of notebooks and folders, all the hard work that we nursing students put that leads to this moment.. It really is a journey not just for me but my family as well.. I took my sister, brother and parents on a stress rollar coster.. I always underestimated myself even in school... Id say I don't think i can do this then out of no where id surprise myself on how much I can actually handle.. Just crazy.

    I really thought i had failed nclex it stopped at 75!! It was crazy hard but that good pop up has me at some peace. Just want it to be official.
  3. by   joe17
    Congratulation. I pray to do the same next weekend.
  4. by   adanne97
    hey joe, my exam is in few weeks do you have some question CDs i can prepare with?
  5. by   joe17
    Quote from adanne97
    hey joe, my exam is in few weeks do you have some question CDs i can prepare with?
    My exam is next Friday. I'm using nclex 3500 now. Unfortunately my subscription to ncsbn will ran out later today. I'm sorry mate. Did you try the Kaplan trainers? You can actually access. It's from question trainer 1-7. It's vey good. Google it Kaplan question trainer

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  6. by   leebrenda
    I am in the same situation i will continue to try passing this test.....HELP
  7. by   leebrenda
    Idid the Kaplan but it did not work for me so here I go again and I am not sure when to book because I don't believe I will ever be ready Any thoughts
  8. by   leebrenda
    Good Luck
  9. by   Lili1230
    Guy Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    IS this the Good pop up....

    Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time.

    I took my NCLEX today and my results still arent up!!! Im freaking Out!!!!!!!!
  10. by   littlekaneRN
    that is the good pop up! CONGRATS!!!
  11. by   frankie,RN
  12. by   momin96,98,99
    I passed!!
  13. by   mommyof2Tees