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I took my nclex today, it stopped at 85 questions, i dont know if i passed or not but i got the good pop up!!! I hope to god and pray that i passed ... :/... Read More

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    I had the good pop up when I took the test on Nov 10 & recieved my papers after Thanksgiving that I passed. My test also stopped at 85 questions
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    I passed !!!!! Its official !!!!! Im an lpn !!!
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    congrats to u!!!! omg, that makes me smile..i know how nerve racking this test is. Its over with now u can breathe . i take mine saturday and am crapping my pants. im trying to get the rest of way through exam cram content book. just doing some saunders and exam cram questions and PDA lacharity. anything u recommend me to follow up or brush up on that u can think of? im not even bothering touching meds because everyone says its soo random. im scared
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    Congrats futurelpn2012!!! & slc05 you can do it too. Once your done you can breathe & enjoy your time with family & friends.
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    thank u pinay!!!!!!!
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    Congrats to you!!

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