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took nclex pn for 2 time this am, did the pvt it said can't make another registration at this contact your board of nursing delivery successful does this mean i passed?... Read More

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    Quote from Bigmaine33
    Thank you very much and everyone else for the positive feedback and support. I pretty much this time around focused on reading the content in the kaplan stratergies course book and going section by section then I would do questions on that area. If I got less than 60% than I would take again. My goal was to learn more content rather than focus on more question because if you dont know what to look for or what expect you cant anwser any question. The nclex is hard but the more you know the better prepared you will be. Hope this helps
    First off CONGRATULATIONS on passing! I remember writing to you in January when you didn't pass and neither did I...(hard time) But look you did it! I just took mine today and got the good pop up as well! Your strategy for studying sounds very much like my own and it looks like it paid off! Again Congrats!

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    Thats right I remember, congrats we did it. Now we just have to find a job. Are you rn or pn?
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    It was a hard time for both of us, I glad to hear that you made it well deserved. And for anyone that has doubt because they failed before, nothing happens before your time. Believe in yourself and never give up and you will be a nurse
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    Quote from Bigmaine33
    Thats right I remember, congrats we did it. Now we just have to find a job. Are you rn or pn?
    I am RN. I actually got a job as a homemaker for this new hospice that started in my city and I have a job starting as an RN for them as soon as my license comes in. I'm sure it won't take long to find a job as a PN.

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