NCLEX Test Review Websites and Test Taking Tips

  1. just wondering if any of you guys know a website that have a test review question.
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    hot off the press

    i highly recommend the saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination (4th ed).

    isbn-10: 141603708x
    isbn-13: 978-1416037088

    in my opinion, it is the best review on the market. make sure you purchase the edition that has the subject material broken down into topics (such as adult neurological disorders or musculoskeletal disorders). that way, you can follow along with your nursing school lectures and practice, practice, practice!!! don't just answer the questions, but delve deeper. analyze each answer - and the rationale provided by saunders - as to why the answer was right or wrong. make sure you understand the rationales. doing this will greatly improve your test-taking skills and your comprehension of the course content material.

    excerpts from nclex review books from google book search:

    lippincott’s review for nclex-rn

    nclex-rn questions & answers made incredibly easy!: 3,500 + questions!

    nclex-rn 250 new-format questions

    nclex-rn review made incredibly easy!

    cracking the nclex, 7th edition

    how to prepare for the nclex-rn using cat

    nclex q & a

    free online sites:

    2009 nclex examination bulletin

    prentice hall's nclex question of the week

    elsevier question of the week

    prentice hall medical-surgical nursing nclex review questions - click on a chapter as you scroll down the page, then click on “nclex review” in the left side-bar.

    nclex practice questions 1-10
    nclex practice questions 11-20
    nclex practice questions 21-30
    nclex practice questions 31-40

    free nclex quizzes (scroll to bottom of page)

    sample questions

    sample nclex questions

    nclex and hesi practice test

    nclex format - nclex testing format of the nclex exam - pearson vue

    nursing 436 nclex review questions

    introduction to professional nursing practice

    heart sounds review questions

    lung sounds review questions

    practice math

    iv flow rates quiz
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    here are a few more sites for practice tests :hatparty: and some with formulas:

    [font=lucida bright](68 page review with questions and answers and how to work them out)
    [font=lucida bright]

    [font=lucida bright]flow rate problems and answers = 1 page
    [font=lucida bright]

    [font=lucida bright]more practice problems (with answers)
    [font=lucida bright]
    [font=lucida bright]
    [font=lucida bright]
    [font=lucida bright]

    [font=lucida bright]practice test - 1 page
    [font=lucida bright]

    [font=lucida bright]another dosage site:
    [font=lucida bright]
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    Quote from JulesRN05
    Hey everyone, I've heard horror stories about this class and know the success rate is about 50/50. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has websites or books that I can check out and help me study.
    I have heard these are good, but I have not personally bought these books:

    Any comments from anyone else?
  7. by   hrtprncss
    Click here's the link for over 500 free questions for the nclex with rationales...and also graded afterwards... the site gives you the username and password to use, in order to access the site... just need to navigate to my courses after you're signed on.
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    Quote from Cay
    I am in my first semester of FON and really struggling as several of my class mates are too. We were "A:" students before nursing and realized how difficult our classes would be in addition to dedicating ourselves five straight semesters to nursing school. We study hard, answer all our study guide questions, definitions, fill out our work book.............Where do these questions come from? They are not what we studied! If this is critical thinking we need help as I, we, need more help that we can get at school. I am open to replies of just what to study from and how to go about it. We are not fresh out of high school, but seasoned adults. HELP!!!
    Something that may help is Bloom's Taxonomy - This is the guide to gauging critical thinking in the cognitive domain. All nursing instructors refer to this. Please check out these links:

    The cognitive domain, according to Bloom, is divided into 6 levels of difficulty: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Most students (outside of nursing) are used to multiple choice questions written on the knowledge level, which is "simple" memorization of facts, or at the level of comprehension, which advances one step further toward understanding. The instructor lectures the material, and the student simply "regurgitates" it back on a test.

    Critical thinking, according to Bloom, is only accessed on the "higher" levels of application and above. To encourage critical thinking, therefore, the majority of the questions you will encounter in nursing school will be at the level of application and analysis. Also, the majority of the questions on the NCLEX-RN are written at the level of application and analysis. Very few NCLEX questions are "mere" knowledge questions.

    For some of these types of questions (especially analysis), there will be more than one "right" answer; you will need to choose the "best" or "top priority" answer. These "higher order" type questions create quite a culture shock for the first semester nursing student. There are many students with 4.0 averages prior to nursing school, who barely squeak by with a "C."

    Here are some examples of questions (concerning diabetes) written at different levels of Bloom's. Can you see the advancing level of difficulty?

    Knowledge question

    The nurse is monitoring blood glucose levels for a group of clients. Which of the following ranges represents a normal fasting blood glucose level?
    1. 60-100 mg/dl*
    2. 101-140 mg/dl
    3. 141-180 mg/dl
    4. 181-220 mg/dl

    Comprehension question

    The nurse is evaluating a client who is diabetic and on insulin. Which of the following statements by the client would indicate that the client may be experiencing a reaction to insulin?
    1. "I am feeling sweaty and nervous."*
    2. "I have ringing constantly in my ears."
    3. "I feel hot and thirsty."
    4. "Things look yellow and blurry to me."

    Application question

    The nurse concludes that a client newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus needs additional teaching, when she states:
    a. "I will rotate my insulin injection sites to avoid tissue damage."
    b. "I will check my blood glucose several times daily and keep a record."
    c. "If I feel faint or sweaty, it means my insulin level is low."*
    d. "It is important to eat three meals and two snacks at scheduled times."


    The client has a serum glucose of 600 with positive serum ketones. The nurse understands it is MOST important to monitor this client's:
    a. hydration status.
    b. level of consciousness.
    c. serum electrolytes.*
    d. oxygenation status.

    Something that may help you is purchasing a good NCLEX review book - One that is broken down into subject matter. Saunders Comprehensive Review is excellent - We recommend this to our students. With a good NCLEX review book, you can "practice" going through these "higher order" types of questions, over and over again. It is important to review each possible answer for each question, along with the rationales. After awhile, you will develop an instinct as to which answer is correct. Hope this helps. Best wishes to you
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    I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before, but I ran across this site...I have not clicked on all the links on the site, but it does say that it's NCLEX/HESI type Quizzes and Practice exams...
  10. by   VickyRN
    Test-Taking Tips

    Test-Item Checklist

    Taking and Passing Tests - Test Taking Strategies EXCELLENT resource from

    Excellent PowerPoint on Test Taking Strategies for nursing students:

    Good advice!!!
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    click on online tests.
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    ran across this website today. another question of the week. however, i don't know what day of the week the question changes and when i clicked on the archived questions, it told me there were none archived. this may be a new site? - mosby's question of the week from mosby's comprehensive review of nursing. also has archived questions that you can access.

    didn't see this site posted on this thread (unless my sight is bad) and i post it in messages all the time: - question of the week. every monday a question from the online nclex-rn examination course from ncsbn, the people who write the nclex.
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    Quote from le0128
    just wondering if any of you guys know a website that have a test review question.

    What you should do is buy Saunders RN-NCLEX reviewers book cost only $42.00 its a CD on it. It's worth investing for. Also, you can looged in to ATI I feel your pain and I am on it too but not too soon as probably you are. Just bought Saunders book for myself. Good Luck.
  14. by   VickyRN
    The NCLEX-RN is emphasizing prioritization and delegation and you will undoubtedly encounter these types of questions in nursing school.

    Prioritization questions may be written as:

    The nurse (charge nurse) is overseeing care of ___ clients on __________. Or, concerning which of the following patient-care situations should the nurse notify the physician FIRST?

    An example of prioritization question from this template:

    The charge nurse is overseeing care of 10 clients on a general obstetrical floor. Concerning which of the following patient-care situations should the nurse notify the physician FIRST?

    a. Prenatal client at 7 weeks gestation with nausea and vomiting and a whitish vaginal discharge.

    b. A gravida 2 para 1 client at 28 weeks gestation with brownish facial blotches and +1 glucose and trace protein in a random urinalysis.

    c. Seventeen-year-old client at 15 weeks gestation with missed abortion and bleeding from IV site.

    d. Rh-negative client at 38 weeks gestation with blood pressure of 150/105, brisk reflexes, and generalized edema in hands and ankles.

    Prioritization may also take this form on a question (written from a different angle):

    You are the charge nurse on a unit and need to make a bed available for a new admission. Which of the following patients are you going to discharge FIRST?

    For delegation, you will often encounter questions asking which patient care tasks/ roles can be delegated to the unlicensed personnel or to the LPN.

    Here is an example of the delegation type of question:

    The registered nurse has asked the unlicensed assistant to help with admitting an elderly client who has been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Which of the following activities is appropriate for the nurse to ask the assistant to perform?

    a. Assess the client's lung sounds.
    b. Collect nursing history and assessment data.
    c. Obtain the client's height and weight.
    d. Evaluate the client's respiratory status.