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If you will be taking NCLEX and would like to be prayed for, can we start a fourm for this. I know that some folks are not into prayer and I don't want to offend anyone, but I sure need it!... Read More

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    hi guys,,

    just took my test today nclex RN.did the pvt trick and it gives me a good pop up..i hope that i did it.

    i just want to thank you all for the prayers..and to all who are about to take thier test my prayers are with you..

    believed in your self,,and GOD will do the rest for you


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    hello everyone! im waiting for my eligibility and my ATT. im praying that all will be on a smooth process. I hope and i pray that i will receive it soon and praying to pass my exam on this year (2012). I LOVE YOU LORD!

    for those who will be taking NCLEX exam; May GODbless you! May God give you all the strength that you need, wisdom, encouragement and knowledge to pass the exam.

    for those waiting for the ATT and eligibility; May GOD give you patience and the motivation to review while waiting, and may God bless you on your exam.

    for those who already passed their exam: May GODbless you on your endeavors. and i pray that they will never forget to say thank you to YOU for all their achievements in life.

    We can do this guyzz! GODBLESS us!

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    i will be taking boards soon and am praying that God guide us all during this exam. I am claiming it as i speak. Ithank you Lord in advance for success on thie nclex rn!! Amen
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    Wishing everyone preparing for nclex the best of luck, stay positive and God will make it happen for you.

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