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  1. Hello! So, I need some help on how to study for NCLEX PN! I took the nclex the end of June, and failed I graduated from a LVN program LAST November, but my school didn't send out our nclex applications until February because our principal was going on vacation!!! Then, my application got rejected because my school forgot to stamp the school seal on it, so they had to RE-SEND it and I didn't get approved until APRIL!! I was really hoping to take the nclex as soon as possible when I graduated, but it's been so long I feel like I forgot everything! I'm also a horrible studier when I study alone, I'm only motivated and concentrated when I'm in a classroom with an instructor, so it's really hard for me to study. I get so distracted and my mind wanders off so fast. Does anyone know if the nclex review/refresher classes are worth it? A couple people told me that the Kaplan course is really overwhelming, and that it didn't help them at all. But I'm at a dead end right now, I don't know what else to do. How many questions should I be doing on a daily basis? Should I take the review class? What was your method of studying? I'm from the Bay Area so if anyone knows any really good review courses, please let me know, thanks
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  3. by   Ashcutek
    am in bay area too. you want to study together. am in fremont.
  4. by   tucker144
    Iam looking for study partners as well but, Oh no TOETOE iam in Kansas, but I wish you all the luck in the world ladys.
  5. by   sandiegoblues
    I recommend the Saunders-PN app if you are able to download it on your cell phone. I did question after question. When I had one I didn't answer correctly or didn't know what it was they were talking about I would look up the info and write it in a notebook I had. I would keep doing this over and over. It was my 2nd time taking it too. I got the good pop up so hoping I passed this time. Time will tell as I'm in CA too and they are slow on the results.
  6. by   tucker144
    Hello Sandi. Thank you for your feed back on NCLEX study. I have the saunders edition 3 ive been burnin that thing up at nights when i get outta this hospital and go home. So your in Calif? Went to nursing school there in San Bernardino, When I got back to the states they offerd me a gig here at the va med cntr kansas. When did you test last?