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    What should I use to study for the Nclex. I'm not a big book person, so I was looking at study apps like ATI, Kaplan and others. I found this one called NCLEX Mastery, It had some good reviews has anyone else used it an what are some others I should be looking at!

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    I did ATI for a week and found it painstakingly long. In about that time I realized that the best thing I can do is practice taking the test. I had a week left till I took it. I read online that if you can get to a 60 to 70 percent correct rate on practice tests you are good to go. I went to the book store every day I took the tests out of the books. I would spend about 4 hrs doing this and keeping a tab on my scores in different areas. Once I hit 60 in one area for example meds I would move on to others I needed to work on. About two days bf the exam I took about 3 or four comprehensive exams and was scoring in the high 50's. I passed the NCLEX in 76 questions and it took me about half an hour. nothing i reviewed on ati was on the test. In conclusion, I would say don't bother with reviewing and focus on answering questions.
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    Im not much of a book person either. Apps are more convenient. I downloaded nclex mastery about a week ago. Its better than most of the popular nclex apps, like lippincott and kaplan. The app makes it really easy to prioritize. In other apps, many of the questions have wrong answers or wrong rationales, this irritates me. Let me know if you find any other apps that are good

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