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I just graduated on December 12th 2012. I received my ATT on the 28th of Dec and scheduled my NCLEX-RN for today Jan 3, 2013. From the moment I graduated I began studying (for about 20 days) and I took the Kaplan course the... Read More

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    Quote from Dubs2012

    Just took QT6: 74.5%

    WOW that made me feel tons better!!!...if the NCLEX is just like QT6 I feel a bit more relieved!!! =)
    Thank you again for the kind words!
    THAT'S GREAT!!! You should feel very confident going into the NCLEX!!! Good Luck! Clearly don't need it have brains ;D
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    Quote from pumpkin28
    Ok so I have just completed the first QT's and I'm not feeling so confident, I didn't use the strategy on the 1st QT or QT2 but tried to use it on QT3, I'm praying that I get better at this and not worst!
    diagnostic test-67%
    Q3-59% (OMG some one shoot me!!)

    Your scores look great! I did the worst on QT3 also. I think the nclex is most like QT6 and QT7 though so I would at least take one of them. Literally felt like I was taking another kaplan test during the exam. One thing kaplan didnt really go over was ecgs and I recommend being familiar with the basic rhythms. I used hurst and they had a worksheet with like 6 basic rhythms and that study guide floating around this site had a list of meds to give...super helpful. I don't think you need to know anything too deep though about ecgs just the basics!!! I thought the exam was hard, but I thought kaplan was challenging. Anyhow, I got the good pop up with PVT so hoping I passed!
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    Thanks so much for the advice!! It looks like you passed!! How many questions did you get?