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I just graduated on December 12th 2012. I received my ATT on the 28th of Dec and scheduled my NCLEX-RN for today Jan 3, 2013. From the moment I graduated I began studying (for about 20 days) and I... Read More

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    Quote from shannonsw2
    I bombed most of the Kaplan SATA ?'s They are so much simpler on the NCLEX. As long as you understand the content in the SATA ?'s I wouldn't worry too much about them. I even did the multiple format practice questions and did horribly the day before the Nclex. BUT I didn't let that bother me. I heard that they were easier on the NCLEX here on allnurses.

    I understand how you feel about feeling like you are getting worse...part of me believes that the question trainers are designed that way. See how you do on 6 or 7. Your diagnostic and readiness scores are great! I think you are ready but if you must..,do qt6 or 7 for a boost of confidence!

    Good Luck You Got This!!!
    Just took QT6: 74.5%

    WOW that made me feel tons better!!!...if the NCLEX is just like QT6 I feel a bit more relieved!!! =)
    Thank you again for the kind words!
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    Quote from Dubs2012

    Just took QT6: 74.5%

    WOW that made me feel tons better!!!...if the NCLEX is just like QT6 I feel a bit more relieved!!! =)
    Thank you again for the kind words!
    THAT'S GREAT!!! You should feel very confident going into the NCLEX!!! Good Luck! Clearly don't need it have brains ;D
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    Quote from pumpkin28
    Ok so I have just completed the first QT's and I'm not feeling so confident, I didn't use the strategy on the 1st QT or QT2 but tried to use it on QT3, I'm praying that I get better at this and not worst!
    diagnostic test-67%
    Q3-59% (OMG some one shoot me!!)

    Your scores look great! I did the worst on QT3 also. I think the nclex is most like QT6 and QT7 though so I would at least take one of them. Literally felt like I was taking another kaplan test during the exam. One thing kaplan didnt really go over was ecgs and I recommend being familiar with the basic rhythms. I used hurst and they had a worksheet with like 6 basic rhythms and that study guide floating around this site had a list of meds to give...super helpful. I don't think you need to know anything too deep though about ecgs just the basics!!! I thought the exam was hard, but I thought kaplan was challenging. Anyhow, I got the good pop up with PVT so hoping I passed!
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    Thanks so much for the advice!! It looks like you passed!! How many questions did you get?
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    Pearson takes me to the credit card infomation page. You have to put in the information and hit submit, then the good pop up appears and wont let you sign up.
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    ArmyTwinRN, BSN, I am guessing you are a twin? Where do you live? What state? I am a twin too and my twin is also a nurse, is your twin a nurse too?

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