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nclex-rn saunder's cd 5th edition

  1. 0 Hi nurses! I'm from the philippines and bought a saunder's nclex cd on morayta manila. My problem is I found out that there are wrong information. The correct answer is actually WRONG. It states there cushing's syndrome--HYPERKALEMIA. Now i'm really confused if I'm going to use it or I will buy an ORIGINAL VERSION. PLS. HELP ME DECIDE.

    Anyone have the same experience with an ORIGINAL CD that contains wrong information about a disease?
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    Hello there. I'd suggest buy the book because it has alot of study information as well the CD comes with it. ITs called Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN Examination Edition:5e or 5 whatever is newest. get kaplan book too it teaches testing strategies. Ocassionally books will have a wrong asnwer too or score your quiz wrong just make sure you konw the right answer and most importantly why it is so.