Nclex RN/ Cc pg for the second time

  1. I took the Nclex yesterday for the second time and got 130 questions, numerous sata which made me feel like I was doing well, I was so nervous to do pvt and thought maybe my phone might act up and won't let a pop up come thru, I was just thinking a whole lot of craziness. So I decided to do it this morning, my fingers where shaking and it took me straight to the cc pg, I had no type of emotion, I told my parents and boyfriend that I didn't get the pop up and they basically said oh well take it again, They feel like the nclex is nothing compared to graduating from hell (nursing school), For some reason not passing the first time affected my self esteem, I was just depressed, I was like I'm just gonna stay in the bed and not take care of myself cuz every part of my body let me down that day, I didn't eat, shower, wore the same clothes everyday, my daughter didn't even want me to take her to day camp anymore, but I found the strength to start torturing my brain to study again, I stayed in my room for 12-15 hrs staight just studying like a maniac, My second time came around which was yesterday and didn't succeed again based on pvt but this time I don't feel down I feel stronger, I have a oh well better luck next time attitude, I'm going to relax for sometime and try a different studying technique with more breaks and fun time, Now if that doesn't work for the third time then psych ward here I come!!
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  3. by   bibine85
    Im so sry to hear that.. but u do know that pvt is not always accurate? Keep checking bon to see if a license # was issued under your name. Im praying that all goes well for u! I myself fail twice and im studying again to go take it soon, btw in what state do u reside?
  4. by   stronger83
    Thanks so much, I hope the pvt is playing a trick on me!! I'm in NY.
  5. by   bibine85
    Oh ok. Good luck!! How exactly does it work in NY, can u take it as many times as u want?? Im in fl n i wanted to apply with NY, do u have any info on that?
  6. by   stronger83
    Yeah in NY u can take it as many times as u want. U have to wait 45 days to take it again after u fail.
  7. by   NYeinaJ
    Hi I'm from NY too and I will be taking my second Nclex-RN attempt in mid September. I failed my first try last July. I've been reading Saunders for almost a month now and I think I'm going to reschedule the exam and push it back to the end of September. I wanna finish reading the Saunders before I take the exam. I still have 500 pages to read and after that I will only do questions 2 weeks before the exam.
  8. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    The CC page does not automatically mean you failed, it means you may have passed.

    Good luck with whatever the results are.
  9. by   stronger83
    I honestly don't feel like I failed, they gave me so many sata so I thought I was doing well and I felt confident in my answers for a lot of the questions. I pray I do pass I will definitely keep u guys posted.
  10. by   Peanut14
    Hi fellow nurses! Just wanna share my 1st time experience on taking NCLEX RN EXAM here in HI. I just took it today(Aug.27,2PM).. Had tons of SATA and drag and drop questions.. Felt so bad that my exam shut off at exactly 75 questions.. Then went out at the testing center as if I'm gonna start to cry.. Also tried the Pearson Vue Trick but it lead me to cc page!!! Ugh. What does that mean?? But I still put myself on the positive side.. I'll just wait for the unofficial results.. It would be more accurate.. Hope so.. Help me God!!! ����