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  1. 1 So i took the Nclex-RN for the 2nd time today and i'm too scared to do the PVT. The test shut off around 120 Q, had 20 SATA questions, a lot of priority & medications. My first attempt i went the full 265 questions and utilized the entire 6 hours. Getting that CC page was terrible and I don't ever want to feel that way again, which is why i'm hesitating to do this PVT trick. Just needed some words of encouragement . i feel so awful already..
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    ~Hey~ Cali- Congrats! You did so much for the Exam,so its time for you to relax your nerve, I know and understand how's your feeling, so take a little bit break and do the trick whenever you ready! Wish you the very best and I know you do it! Goodluck
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    Say a prayer then do the PVT, u r more than a conqueror, U have taken the first step and that was testing. DON'T be afraid to claim your license!
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    I understand the feeling. I did the pvt and got the bad pop up twice, But don't let it define you have confidence and take a deep breath and give it a go. Let us know the turn out I'm rooting for you!
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    your stats sound positive. Take a deep breath and remember that not knowing is way worse than knowing.

    go ahead... then post here... I am rooting for you!!!
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    Sounds like good numbers to me!
    Waiting for my results too! 36 more hours! Ugh!
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    Hi there! i guess we're on the same boat! took the exam last oct08'2013 too! the computer shut down around 130, i really cant recall the exact number, had more than 20 SATA's, 2 calculations, 1 drag and drop and 1 picture to identify which is which. A hell lots of unheard meds as well as priority and conference type of questions. Checked through PVT 2 hours after the exam and had the good pop up. but im still quite skeptical though. Good luck to us guys! keep the high hopes! We are the worlds future RN's! LOL!
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    hello...i took mine last oct 3...still waiting and my stress level is up... i think i have 165 question...i never pay attention to the time and no of questions coz eveytime i check the time and to check how many questions i did my stress level is still hoping...i got SATA, delegation, prioritization, meds and drop and da\rag and alot of infection that a good sign..
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    hey kitkatelove...i guess we're on the same boat...i took mine last oct 3! still waiting...i just did the PVT trick few minutes ago, i have a good pop up...hoping and praying it will be a good sign...