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All right folks, I took my NCLEX-RN this morning, got the good pop-up (yay me), and just wanted to offer a couple of thoughts. First of all, the BEST advice I can give is to NOT do what I did last week, which is: come to this... Read More

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    Quote from Saligurl
    I am new here. What are you referring to.when it says SATA questions? Can you give an example pleas
    SATA means select all that apply...2 or more answer choices are correct responses.

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    hey thnx for sharing your experience hope this will help us and your words made up my mind to give the exam as soon as possible....
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    Quote from RachNurse
    baby-like I said, I have always felt meds is my weak spot as well (I am *fantastic* at rote memorization, which is what got me A's in my pharm classes.......retaining some of that 1.5 years after Pharm I.....not so much). The meds on my test were all known to me, and seemed relatively "easy", while I'm not guaranteeing that will be the case for you, I think your best bet might be really understanding those classes and the very common adverse side effects that pop up (like nephro/ototoxicity with the -mycins). Like I said, this was actually one spot where I felt like the meds on my NCLEX-PN test were more difficult than this one (BUT, keep in mind I did not study meds at all for PN, all I used was the NCLEX-3500 link, not a ton of meds on there). Also, one thing to keep in mind with the meds: while I do think it is very important to test yourself on these, and retain what you can, part of your "meds" knowledge will be safe administration........(i.e. the area of the IV has become cool, IV is no longer administering, what do you do?) In other words, you can probably slide by if you get a med question (or even a couple) wrong, as long as you know how to safely administer, etc. I would definitely say to prepare yourself as well as you can, don't just ignore meds, but study up on it, and if it's your ONLY weak spot, you're probably going to be okay.
    Thank you so much! I hope I'll be a nurse just like you!
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    What is the good popup??
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    Hi everyone! I took the NCLEX the other day and was out in 75 questions, positive that I FAILED. I'm a striaght B student so I was sure I wouldn't get out in 75 and pass... I thought I'd be closer to 150 questions. After bawling my way home and continuing to cry to my Mom on the phone, I started googling and looked at this site all day. I read just about EVERY post on here about 75 questions and passing and failing. So for others who are in that same boat, here's what my test looked like: about 5 SATA, 2 "put in order" (and one was so easy.. basically there's a fire so I ordered them according to RACE), 1 med math, a couple pharm, 1 "read this EKG" strip, and then a lot of "priority" or "who can you discharge first"? I don't remember there being many delegation questions. I was so positive I failed because I didn't feel like I got that many SATA or delegation and at the very end, the test wasn't hard. One of my last questions was basically asking what beta blockers do. I freaked out. At 74 I was begging for my computer not to be shut off, but after 75 it went blue. I panicked! I never did the Pearson trick because I was too scared... but I did call and get my results within 48 hours. So for all of you out there waiting that DREADED 48 hours, dont worry!!!! You'll be okay.

    And to those curious: I had been doing Saunders and had memorized everything HESI-related bc my school requires that to graduate (also, I failed that the first time with a 755 and passed the second time with a 1042). I also took the Hurst and on those quizzes I was getting nothing over a 69%. Hope this helps!!!!!!
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    Thanks DB I need encouragement. Any tips u have please let me know.
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    I took it yesterday and felt the same way as you!! 75 questions and good popup but not sure I passed. Did you do quick results? If so, how long did it take? I completely agree this site psyched me out. I almost rescheduled and would have if my friends and family insisted I didn't. Thanks for this msg. P.S. my name is Rachel too =)

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