NCLEX RN IN 4DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! - page 2

Just want to ask any and everyone reading this to say a prayer for me.....that my anxiety decreases and for the confidence to conquer this beast known as NCLEX-RN!!!! Thanks in advance... Read More

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    What state? Congrats. I pray I can say same thing in 6 das.

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    Quote from tiyoung3
    Well took exam at 8am this morning 75 questions and 3 hours later I had an active licensce number b/f I could even do the PV trick....Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    Congratulations))) how was test?
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    @zazak Was not bad at math like 3 pharm questions, maybe 8-10 SATA, and the rest was Prior/Deleg/Assessment questions!!!
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