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NCLEX Quick Results PN in MI

  1. 0 Hi all, I am new to posting on this site, but have been reading it for the last year. I just took my NCLEX yesterday, and wow that was harder than I imagined it would be! The test stopped after only 85 questions (the minimum) so I figure I either did really good or really bad! I did the Pearsonvue Trick and got the message, not the CC page so that is a little reassuring but I still left the test center feeling like I didn't for sure know the answers to about 70% of the questions. My strong suit is the math and drug calculations, and of course I only got 2 of those questions and instead got about 1/3 of my test as "Select all that apply" format, which I am terrible at! I will be getting my quick results tomorrow, but I was wondering if the results will give me a score in the different categories or if it will just say Pass or Fail? I would love to know how good or bad I did! Anyone know if the quick results give scores?
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    Good luck with your official results.
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    Just in case anyone has the same question, the quick results are just pass/fail. It gives no score or percentage or anything. But thankfully for me it said pass!