NCLEX PN tomm at 10:30 am!! OMG!!! i hope i can sleep tonight

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    yep! u read it! its finally here and im feeling sooo anxious inside. again, from my previous posts, ive been out of school for a year now. My dumb mistake!! I was burnt out, my fiance and i bought a house, and i enjoyed the summer home with my daughter. so ive been at it since september slowly, but started hitting it hard mid october with A LITTLE OF EACH of saunders, exam cram, kaplan, hurst, and recently NCSBN questions. scores on kaplan are 60-70. My readiness test was a 74! not sure how i did that. NCSBN are like 50-60's. im almost done just scamming through the "study guide" floating around here. Please, if your reading this, just say a little prayer. i would appreciate it. thank u!!!

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    Included you in my prayers...good luck!!! You've got this!
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    thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good luck! Praying for your success. You got this!
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    I am also taking the test at 11:00 a.m. I hope we pass. I am so nervous
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    Just finished taking my NCLEX PN ( I tried my very best to see if I will make it. Read all the review questions in Saunders, online reviewers and a lot more. Eager to become a good nurse but with the questions on medications, I'm pretty sure that I will not make it? I have a question in my mind.....that when one is given a certain name of an unknown drug, with spelling one can hardly even pronounced, will that person know exactly what the drug is for? Looking thru their prefix nor thru their suffixes can't even give you a clue? I am 100% sure that even the best Pharmacist or Doctor will first of all ,get their drug book to find out what that medication is for ? Why give these students a hard time? In actual hospital settings or nursing home settings, medication administrations are already prepared by the pharmacist....all the precautionary measures are indicated. So why give students a hard time????
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    Don't be nervous! Relax... make sure you read the questions slowly... understand what the questions are asking? Do good on the first 87 questions... it is a pass or fail. If you do hurry during the first 87 questions and not analyzing each , computer will either stop because you pass or stop because you did not reach the desired number of correct answers! So go slowly but surely but not too slow OK? Goodluck!!!
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    thank u! im very nervous about pharm because of the exact description of what u posted. nothing i can do about not recognizing meds. i just pray im one of the lucky ones to not get too many meds.. thank u again
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    all the best i am praying for you both.
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    I take my NCLEX PN exam the 10th of dec at 11 kinda nervous!!!

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