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    I'm new to this site, but find it very interesting. I completed PN school in December 2012 and did the NCLEX in mid April. I did not pass and I felt so hopeless and torn. I just find the courage to pick up the pieces and try again. I studied for about 6 weeks using the Saunders latest edition which I found ok for content. However, it did very little justice to answering strategy. Often people may say that if you know the material you have no problem answering the questions. I find this untrue for this exam. It's like having millions of dollars, but if you don't know how to spend it/ invest it, you end up broke.

    Could anyone please share their study materials and strategy with me. I've heard good reviews on Kaplan, Hurst and Exam Cram but I don't know which to purchase and how to use the (example which to do first etc.) Should I do the Hurst review course and just buy the Kaplan book for practice. Thanks
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    Moved to NCLEX prep forum to elicit further response.

    Everyone is individual and what works for one candidate may be of no use to another. Is your issue content? Test taking strategies? Overwhelmed? Have you gone back to your school instructors for advice (they have a vested interest in you passing the NCLEX)?

    If test taking strategies, consider Kaplan. Kaplan also offers a free sample assessment test if you sign up on their site. Many, not all, are successful after using the test taking strategies taught by Kaplan if they have a strong background in content and nursing knowledge.
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    Hi JustBeachyNurse

    Thanks for your response. I think my problem lies mostly with application, so I might challenge the Kaplan.
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    guys i just took my boards. i checked the pearson site and it didnt let me re-register.. but unfortunately i cannot make a conclusion since the website says they have some technical issues.. can somebody help me??