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    Hey Everyone, I am new here and I just completed taking the NCLEX exam. My computer shut off at 85 questions. Although, I got a few math questions I know I got wrong b/c I checked them after testing. We all know that there is no exception to med errors in nursing. This is probably a bad sign for me hu? I thought the test was extremly hard and I feel I failed. I had to guess like half the questions. Any and all opinions welcome

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    most people do feel like they failed when they is a very hard test..just be sure you did fine...most people do pass at congrats!!! let me know how you did.
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    Thanks, but getting all my math questions wrong is a terrible sighn in my opinion Thanks for the encouragement!
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    hey, I know how you feel. I got 150 questions and made a huge error in math. so lets hope we passed!!

    good luck!
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    Please allow me to help you feel better.

    I took my test 3.5 weeks ago, I know darn well I missed 2 math questions because I could not figure out for the life of me how to convert. I know how to do it but it seems like I went stupid.

    Anyway, my comp also shut off at 85 and I passed!! I thought there was no way in hell they would pass me after failing both those questions ( i got the first one wrong so they threw another back at me and i missed it again ). But stranger things have happened lol.

    Good Luck....I really hope you passed.
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    Wow, that's good news! I have researched the entire internet to try to see if there was anyone else in my boat! Glad to see it's true... I guess I just have to wait. It was mortified when they kept throwing me the same question! I should have known, but nerves got the better of me! Thanks again for sharing!
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    Moved to the LPN Nursing Student forum.
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    I must say that it has been a year and a half since I sat for my LPN boards, and just when I was going to look to see what number I was on the computer shut off. I know I was close to 85 but not sure if I was at 85 or at 86 or 87. Anyway, I came out of that testing room sure I had passed. I said I either passed the test with flying colors or bombed it really well. One must remember to breathe through out the test, and yes its entirely possible to pass it even though it shut off @ 85! Think possitve.
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    Where do you live and how fast do you get your results. I was so sick it was ridiculous. Lucky, our state puts a license number up at 8am the next day.

    Be sure to let us know.
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    I live in CA. So I have the LLLOOONNGGG wait! Good luck to you! Where do you live and how do you think you did?

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