nclex-pn... I FAILED! any tips that will help me

  1. hey guys after studying every day for about 45 days, and i was doing average 3 hours a day. I ended up failing my first attempt taking the nclex pn.
    I was very upset getting the letter that said I DID NOT PASS.
    I studied a good amount, and i was some what confident, but i thought the test was very difficult and failed anyways. I got the maximum # of question which is 205. In the beginning i thought the questiosn were fairly easy then after 100 question it got extremely hard.
    i just felt like every question sounded the same after the first 2 hours.
    the test took me over 4 hours to complete.
    I lost focus and couldnt concentrate after 2 hours.
    anyone had any similar situation?

    any tips on what i can use to study?
    I have been using the Saunders comprehensive review (the payperback green looking book)
    please if anyone can give me any tips that would be great.
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  3. by   erick_17
    @agassi, First you must to do is reassessed your weakness and strength in the your review and exam then focus to your weakness..yah saunders is very good to review the content and more question you should practice thats what i did.. focus on infection control and adult MS.. and dont forget to pray and believing to yourself that you can..claim it
  4. by   nyguynurse
    i took the nclex rn and after about 150 questions they were all basically the same question over and over again so i went through the same thing, it was harder as it went on and got the max 265 and had thought i passed but nope
  5. by   hotnurse408
    Agasi -what are your sources for studying for the NCLEX? saunders. ATI, kaplan?