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  1. Hello to everybody, i know its probably frequently ask question, but I'm going to ask any way, Can u please give me some tips, how to study, or what to study for Nclex-PN
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  3. by   MissPinkScrubs
    Quote from Aleska25
    Hello to everybody, i know its probably frequently ask question, but I'm going to ask any way, Can u please give me some tips, how to study, or what to study for Nclex-PN

    get that green Saunders NCLEX-PN book w the disk and practice questions daily! like 100! lab values, med calc, anything you struggle with.
  4. by   Aleska25
    Thank You so Much!!! I actually doing that, but recently i get board with Saunders so i gust doing Exam Cram 3 ed, like 200-300 question a day
  5. by   raquel22
    I agree with MissPink Scrubs. Stick with Saunders. Read the chapters you feel weak on then follow up with practice questions from the CD. I didn't want to miss anything, so I read through the whole book. After each chapter, do practice questions. Aim for 100-200 questions/day and READ the rationales...even if you get them right! Trust me, it helps!! If and when you feel you have a good grasp on things overall, do an exam (on the CD) to gauge where you are. Select EXAM, then LEVEL OF COGNITIVE ABILITY, then APPLICATION. This is an 100 question exam. Make sure you aim for at 60% or more. The higher, the better. I was at about 75% before I took the nclex. Have you heard off Nclex 3000? check out Main Menu - NCLEX-PN Review 3000 - Institutional Version
    I felt the questions were much more difficult than Saunders, but were very similar to the Nclex. I would usually use it when I was sick of the CD and the book in general. But, it all paid off. I took the exam and passed after my 1st try with 85 questions!!! Good luck and stay focused!!
  6. by   Aleska25
    Thank u, so much for advice, i actually reading the Saunders, but only my weak chapters)) and i do the question too,,, hopefully i will pass, )
  7. by   Butterfly6890
    I used the Saunders red book. Did 200 questions a day. Studied like crazy and was shocked to find out 60/85 questions were SATA! I passed it though. Don't get into a frenzy. Relax on that day and remember you know your stuff!
  8. by   nursey909
    hello I used the red Sanders book 5th edition I read through it all and I practiced 200 questions a dAy and all the ones I missed I wrote down in a notebook next to it I put the subject like OB etc so I can get an idea of what to study more... I also used the ATI DVDs lectures I would watched and listened to those as I cooked n cleAned throughout the dAy hope that helps for you best of luck! I would study periodically three to six hours a day .
  9. by   Still Standing
    At my school (LPN) our reading assignments and modules are part from textbook, Saunders (red) and ATI, we. Have to actually do tests from those 2.resources as part of the curriculum and they add up for tests grades which in order to take them we have to have 3 practices with a score of atleast a 75 on 1.

    I love it, We find that some of our chapter test questions come from either one or all of those books, depending on the instructor. But if we read and study all sources we do really good on tests.

    Our school has a 100% pass rate on NCLEX, recent grads say that the test for them was like either Saunders or ATI, IT JUST usually depend on what source the individual likes using they tend to say that's what their testing experience was like.
  10. by   Aleska25
    Thank u all A Bunch!!!!