NCLEX-PN: 70% on practice tests, should I push my date back?

  1. 0 Hey all, scheduled to take NCLEX-PN in 5 days (!)

    Got 70-71% on the two comprehensive practice tests I've taken.

    They say that's a failure.

    My friend was getting 85-87% before recently passing.

    Should I push it back two weeks? I know I have to decide myself, but any thoughts from others is very helpful. As always, thanks for any help!
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    I was getting on the comprehensive test between 70/75 and i was so confident but i still failed
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    But Good luck, to u! I hope u pass
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    What source are u using ? Is it hurst review ?
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    Quote from Texas_goodnurse
    What source are u using ? Is it hurst review ?

    How are you studying??? What is your other sources?

    Usually, NCSBN (the NCLEX makers) propose 70% and above increases the chance of passing the NCLEX.
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    Thanks for the support and feedback!

    I've been using the Lippincott and Exam Cram NCLEX-PN books, latest editions. Going through questions, making flashcards out of the stuff I don't know, reviewing those flashcards, repeat.

    I just got 78% on another Lippincott practice exam, so getting better! I'm gonna go for it folks.

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