NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks - page 6

I had planned to take the exam mid-November (2012) but that didn't go as planned. My registration expires soon so I will be taking it in 3 weeks and I am hoping I will pass this time around. I am currently studying off of... Read More

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    I did about 150 to 200 Saunders questions a day i read the rationales and sometimes the strategy if i had no clue what the answer wasI didn't do any reading except for that little review my friend gave me because if you read too much it gets all jumbled and if I became too tired then I would stop and go do something else. Go in and try to relax and not think about how many times you took it take it like its the first time and don't go so deep in the studying the questions were pretty basic but sometimes anxiety gets the best of us I didn't study the day of the exam I got up my exam was at 2 read that paper one more time watched tv and took a nap. I was like schools over I don't have to study or go back right now what am I going to stress for and if I don't do well I can take it again.

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    Deevaa may i have a copy of your study guide

    I failed my 2nd attempt on monday... sigh. ; ;

    Im jumping back on the horse again.

    forward it to my email

    TY SO MUCH!!!
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    Guys, best thing to do is get a good review book (plenty of good reviews on review books here in this forum) and set up a study time table. Answer as many questions as you can a day (between 50-100) and read the rationales even if you got it right. Reading the rationales will help you understand what the question is asking and what key words to look out for
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    Hi can anyone please share the 50 pages review with me too, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Hi. If you can emailed me the 50 page review, I would greatly appreciated. I take my test on March 11th and I using everything :-/. I also am having a hard time with the SATA questions. ::SIGH::. My email address is Thank you!
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    Hello deeva could you preety please forward me the pages as well to my email please it would help me out so much =) thank you and god bless.
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    I also used the Saunders book and passed my NCLEX the first time with only 85 questions. The way I studied was I would tackle a body section a day followed by the meds for that body section the next day. If it was a large section like peds I would break it down into two days and take a break on Saturday and Sunday. I did that for about six weeks and then took my test. When I finished the book, I just started over again or went over my trouble areas like cardiac. Worked like a charm for me! I hope this helps.
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    Hi can anyone email me the 50 page review to me also
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    i take my nclex on march 18. it will be my 5th time can anyone please send me the 50 page review? i would greatly appreciate it sooo much. thank you
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    Hi Deeva I'm going to be taking my nclex for the 4x may I also get the review pages too Thanks

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