Nclex pn 2013 in ca, does pvt still work?

  1. I took nclex pn ca (i really think i failed and i cant get my results till i receive thru mail), then after more than a week someone told me to do the PVT and when i did it i had this what they say " good popup ". Is this good popup still valid eventhough i checked it after a week? Need help.
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  3. by   allmar611
    Once received a bad pop up on PVT, is it going to be a bad popup until retaking the exam again (45 to 90 days)? For those who got a badpopup did you ever tried to check the PVT again after several weeks (if so, did it say the same thing OR it got change)? Cuz you know in CA we have a very very long waiting time just to get the results. Please respond. Thanks californians.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    If you failed it is going to send you to the CC page to re register until you pay to retake the test. Once you pay your $200 to Pearson it will change to telling to a registration exists and perhaps ask if you need to reschedule. If you failed the pop up won't change.
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    Thank you for responding and merging my post. Well i guess i just need to wait and see hoping the PVT still works cuz i cant stop thinking of it not like other states the results can be seen /c in 2 days not in CA though. How many times you took nclex?
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Only once.
  8. by   allmar611
    Oh that's good for you. You are really familiar on this PVT thing. Have knew some1 went to the cc page? Are you from CA?
  9. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Not in CA. Unfortunately those who I know that got the CC page did in fact fail. Sorry.
  10. by   allmar611
    when i did the PVT, it was 8 days later (cuz i didnt know anything of this PVT) since my exam and i got a good popup (up to now i am still getting a good popup). i was thinking since i didn't check PVT within hours after my exam, i "might" had a bad popup and change to good popup after 3-5 days because the BON got my results and pearson vue block my registration (by giving me a good popup) so i can't register again until i get my 45-90 days probation (does it work that way?)... i know in my self that i mess up on the exam but i might got the answers correctly, i just hoping and praying that i passed cuz this PVT is giving me good pop up and is still accurate as of this day. i am just really in a bad position that we need to wait 3-4 wks or more than before we get the results.
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    No. It doesn't work that day. If I try to register now I get the same pop-up I did when I tried it post test. There is no 45-90 day post test probation. The state BoN determines the wait between retest the absolute minimum is 45 days. In NJ for example, you must wait a minimum of 90 days.

    The only people I know got a 'good pop-up" to contact your BoN and failed were on their 3rd attempt and failed. You are prohibited in some states from re-registering after a 3rd failure until you complete a mandatory refresher class and send course completion to the BoN along with a new application. PV cannot let you re-register as it may take longer than the validity of registration before you can get a new ATT. ( refresher tests are not cheap so some people take a few months before they even start the in-person refresher class)

    Hurry up and wait is difficult when we are used to instant responses. If you took the RN exam check the BRN website for your license. If you took the PN exam unfortunately need to wait for the letter from BVNPT and pay the licensing fee before your name appears. BVNPT is quite backed up lately.

    I walked out of my exam after finishing quickly with minimum questions in total shock. I had no idea if I passed or failed. My state participates in quick results so I only had to wait for 48 hrs for unofficial results but I had to wait 5.5 weeks for a license.
  12. by   allmar611
    Well thank u for listening and answering my ?'s it is really helpful i just hoping and praying my good popup is true and i pass. I taking BVNPT so need to wait for 2-4 weeks or more