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NCLEX Paperwork

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I am graduating in mid-December from an ADN program. I would like to take the NCLEX as soon as possible so I can start taking some Bachelor's level classes in January. I know there is certain paperwork that my program director must send in to the state board of nursing for my test, but is there anything that I can do to help the process move along more quickly? I would like to have everything in order so the NCLEX isn't on my mind while I am taking my other classes. I appreciate the input!
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    what state are in? requirements vary
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    Check the website for your state board of nursing. There is a link to the state boards of nursing at the bottom of each page of this website. You are looking for information on license by examination
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    Thanks! I will check out the state boards website. I am in Idaho.

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