NCLEX in 3 weeks.. Best way to prepare?? NCLEX in 3 weeks.. Best way to prepare?? | allnurses

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NCLEX in 3 weeks.. Best way to prepare??

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I am taking the NCLEX in 19 days and am looking for advice on the best way to prepare. I took the Kaplan course and loved it! I have been doing Qbank questions, Q trainers and remediating all the questions. I also use my Saunders book to review content that I feel weak in. I am down to the wire and do not want to waste any time!

    I scored a 67.3% on Kaplan readiness and a 925 on HESI exit exam. I have been getting mainly 60% on Qbank's (i do 50 questions each time) up to 64%. I still have to do QT 5-7.

    Can anyone that has passed the NCLEX's new passing standard offer me any advice?

    Thank you!!
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    I took Nclex twice and failed the first time using ATI. I just took it the second time and did Kaplan and passed. Kaplan is an excellent program and the questions are so close to what you see on the Nclex. I also used the La Charity PDA book which was great cause I had a ton if prioritazation questions. I read Hogan mainly for content but Saunders is just as good. I think you have a great plan and will do well.
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    Congrats on passing!!! and thank you! I am just so nervous and it's down to the wire so I want to make sure I am not wasting time. I do feel that I am ready for the exam. Just want to fully prepare myself.
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    Keep taking questions. 100 a day at minimum. I recently passed using Kaplan and whatever content I needed a quick refresher on when I got a question wrong I used Saunders to refresh. Don't get caught up in the numbers keep taking questions and review the rationale, right or wrong!

    I passed with 85 questions in one hour, NCLEX-RN.

    I felt Kaplans questions were 2x harder than NCLEX-RN.

    Good Luck!

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