NCLEX in 2 weeks, nervous already, please help!!!

  1. hello everyone, i would like say congratulation to all who passed this nightmare exam called NCLEX< I am sergio, Re-testing in 2 weeks, i just need every bit of tips and study advice for the 2 weeks left, this time, I bought Kaplan on demand, and I have done the whole book, studied all meds, I have done QT 1-6, and doing 7 tomorrow.. please share with me tips.. advice.. thanks , i really appreciate it !!!
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  3. by   nsgstu
    Hi, I just passed NCLEX and I think Kaplan is a great help. Just keep doing those questions and rationales and ask yourself why that one answer is right and why others are wrong as you go. My exam was so much like Kaplan....and required a lot of critical thinking...I had to sit there and think and verify if the chosen answer was right from every way possible...i took time..because I need time to think critically. I did that Kaplan book twice and did Saunders at times too. Make sure you review meds section and math problems...
    Keep focused, pray and hang in will be over soon.

  4. by   uniqueguy34
    thank you so much for the reply, I am exactly the same why when it comes to critical thinking, sometimes it takes me more than 15 min thinking about each question and analzing.. that is why i gave myself lots of time to prepare.. there is one week left.. but still i don't feel confident, i feel that i should've done more questions.. I did about 2500 questions.. I did the saunders book previously, ( before first attempt) i didnt find the questions in saunders to be helpful, not sure if you felt the same last week before exam.. I am praying... hoping, this time will be my last attempt.. btw, congratulations.. and I really appreciate your response.. it makes me feel better to hear when people pass, i hate when i hear people attempt several times to pass, it puts more pressure on me
  5. by   PJ/lpn-RN
    First Congratulations on completing nursing school! I took my boards September 19th and "PASSED" with 75 questions, 9 SATA, 1 drag and drop, 1 calculation. I graduated from a BSN program in July and had rescheduled my exam 3 times. The first reason was because of personal matters the other 2 were because of NERVES, the thought of the exam made me I had no confidence and lacked motivation to study. But that quickly changed when my LPN job ended because of the job closing. I quickly sucked it up and realized that I had completed nursing school! I was well prepared and my confidence slowly started to appear. I believe that aside from studying the MOST important thing is to "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF". I too used Kaplan but during the exam, I didn't use the decision TREE, here's why. I only completed 25% of the questions in the Q Bank, I didn't review any of the videos but I made sure I did the Q TRAINERS. My scores range from 58-67%, . For me personally it was a waste of money, don't get me wrong I think it is an excellent program I just didn't have the attention span to do the online program the way the Kaplan required. One thing i recommend is do what works FOR YOU! I studied intensely for 1 week. I did Saunders questions, I preferred them to me Kaplan doesn't always do a good job with rationals. The one thing I can say is that Kaplan did and excellent job at mimicking NCLEX the exam look and question format is the exact same but the questions on NCLEX seem to be easier. I also used LaCharity this is an EXCELLENT recourse for priority, delegation and SATA questions their style is more NCLEX. Overall, my advice is us the study material that helps you to rationalize the information in a way make it easy for you to retain. Nclex is about application and critical thinking. So take time and think the question through! Good Luck with your exam! YOU CAN DO IT
  6. by   uniqueguy34
    thank you so much.. congrats on passing.. this definitely gives me positive energy, not sure if you read my post above, but first time i was preparing to take it.. i used saunders which , Honestly it didn't stimulate my mind as much as Kaplan did , and I thought saunders was kinda too showy/easy.. and lacked the critical thinking part.. also lots of questions repeat from CD, I do agree I think kaplan is a good representation about how the NCLEX will beand thank god, my exam is next monday, ( iam testing here in NJ) and I do feel so much comfortable approaching the questions.. however.. i do not feel very confident.. but the good thing is that i don't have the nervousness issues. and I get to relax during the exam.. lol. anyways. so far i have done all kaplan and I took my time... thinking about all the rationales.. but still i didn't do La charity.. i will do it this week and start wraping it up and review the meds and lab values.. etc.. i really hope that this time will be it.. I really appreciate you took the time to write and give me your tips