NCLEX in 2 days!!!

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    Hello all,

    I'm testing in 2 days and I just need advice from you guys. I have been studying for 6 weeks. I have been using Kaplan online and Sounders. completed over 3,000 questions. Here are my scores what do you guys think?? :-/
    Dianostic: 56
    Qt 1: 44
    Qt 2: 51
    Qt 3: 46
    Qt4: 55
    Q5: 55
    Qt6: 57
    Qt 7:58
    Readiness: 63
    Qbank completed 100% of the questions with 60 % correct
    Sounders avg of 70%
    Thank you all

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    congratulations. i'm taking mine 5days from now and my anxiety level is so high.
    i'm using the same reference as yours. can u teach me how u made it on the
    actual exam?
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    I believe that Kaplan says to airm for 60-65% minimum on qtrainer 6 and 7. It looks like you are getting close to that range. I had a 68% on qtrainer 7 and passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. How do you feel? I believe we tend to put too much emphasis on scores and not enough on our confidence level. Do you understand the rationales behind the questions you missed? Go over all the questions even the ones you get and review the rationales and strategies. Do you have a good foundation of content knowledge? These are things to focus on as much as if not more so than your actual % scores.
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    i hope i'm gonna make it like u guys..
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    Hey, Kaplan says aim for 60% on qt6&7. I took the boards last Thursday and passed with 75 questions! I probably got about 21 SATA, Meds and prioritizing. You will do great Kaplan did help a lot. The test was vey seminar to Kaplan questions. Good luck
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    congrats to you on passing the boards!
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    I have been trying to do the kaplan and so far no luck. I dont know where togo to set it all up or is there a book that helps im so confused. Everyone seems to be talking about Kaplan but I dont know where to start with it. Please help!
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    Hey Kaplan is a prep course and it runs anywhere from $379-500. My class got a group special for $379 I chose the online course because it just worked better for my schedule. Go to and you should find helpful information about their course. Good Luck
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    Thanks for the help vianey83!!!!

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