NCLEX on Friday. I have a lot of resources yet... - page 2

I am sitting for the NCLEX (hopefully my first and last) on Friday and I am freaking out. I took Kaplan and Hurst, PDA and exam cram. I have 4000 and Saunders too. So far here are the scores I have been getting this week: ... Read More

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    Quote from BouBou
    I test at 10:30 =-O.
    I already feel the anxiety. I need to study in the library so that I don't end up eating everything I see to calm myself.

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    Panic, I agree! Ha, gLuck!
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    Goodluck! I know you will do great!
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    Thanks! Saw my name on the BON website yesterday evening. Was surprised too that they updated it that fast. I got 75 Qs and it was the most nerve wracking 3 hours of my life.
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