Nclex in a few days....need help with pharm:( - page 2

Hello All, I am taking nclex rn for the first time next week...for those that have taken (and passed) nclex; how are the medication questions? For example people say they get random meds they've never heard you just... Read More

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    I think I had three or four medication questions when I took my test a few days ago and if I didnt know it, I looked at the answers and attempted to do a process of elimination if I was able to. I would totally focus more on content and understanding the "Why"...I have heard of someones test going to 85 questions and 75 of those were SATA and the other 10 were priority, so it really depends on what they decide to throw at ya.

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    I would not worry about any pharm meds. I would recommend to understand side effects of psych meds though. I had a lot of those (akinesia, tardive dyskinesia, parkinsonism, etc). Know to differentiate those.

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