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    I'm about to take my NCLEX next friday (Feb 03). This will be my 2nd time taking the exam. I failed the first time using just Saunders 5th edition. I know deep down I failed because I took the exam and my review lightly. This time, it took me 4 months and I took Kaplan. All my friends and almost all the success stories I've read in this forum took Kaplan and passed. I did all I can this time. Gave up almost 3 months of nonstop everyday review. I took the online review by Kaplan, answered 100% of my Qbanks. Wrote down every rationale from every qbanks/qtrainer that i didn't know right or wrong and reviewed them every other day.

    Diagnostic - with no review whatsoever 53%

    QT1 - 60%
    QT2 - 57%
    QT3 - 50%
    QT4 - 53%
    QT5 - 60%

    Qbank 100% complete - 58%

    Sample test 1: 54%
    Sample test 2: 48%
    Sample test 3: 83%

    **I swear sample test 1 and 2 mostly resembles NCLEX in my opinion. Maybe QT6 and 7 too, I'll find out.

    Readiness test - 54% (I hurried through it because it was required to be finished by the last day of review. Shouldn't have though

    I'm about to take my QT6 after writing this then QT 7 on Tuesday, then just taper down with my review on Wednesday and take a whole day break Thursday then showdown on Friday.

    I've been feeling good and ready till I read a few recent posts from people who took Kaplan and failed. It brought me back to earth. What if I fail again? Everything is riding on me passing and finally getting a job and move on with my life. I'm sure all of us share the same background story. Truth be told, I'm scared to see that CC page again when doing the PVT. I have a phobia of that incident. I wish I didn't read the stories of people that failed with Kaplan..

    My reason for writing this is for advice and guidance. What should I do? I know that if I have this mentality, I will surely succumb to failure next week. I know also that there's no way you can fully prepare for this exam. For those that have passed with Kaplan, what did you do when you were just hours away from taking that exam. Did you feel ready? confident? did the decision tree worked for you? Did the qbanks and qtrainers prepare you? is it easier or harder than the nclex?

    Also is it wise for me to plan on taking about 2 hours for the first 75 questions? I don't do well in such long periods of concentrations. If i go past 75, i need frequent breaks to keep on going.

    Please any opinions or advice, I will be truly grateful for. I can not afford to fail again. I want to move on with my life. With God's help I know he'll guide me. But what can I do to avoid these feelings of doubt in myself.
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    great post! i would love to know the same information. i have never taken the nclex before but i am preparing with kaplan as well. my test day is only a week away and i was looking for some insight on the comparison of kaplan and nclex. i feel like all other questions and study material are too easy compared to kaplan. i have ATI, lipincott, saunders, mobsy, and lacharity and i have basically stopped reviewing everything else but kaplan. your scores are really similar to mine. sorry im not answering your question but i just wanted to say i feel the same way!
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    ahh I hope we both pass next week. Are you done with everything in Kaplan? I'm taking my QT6 right now. Taking a 5 min break lol.
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    sorry i went to bed after i wrote that post haha! how did you do on QT 6?? i heard that and QT 7 are the hardest. i still have 25% of my qbank left, and QT 5, 6, and 7. as well as 2 more of the sample tests. i hope we pass next week too! here are my scores so we can compare.....

    diagnostic - 59
    QT 1 - 57
    QT 2 - 53
    QT 3 - 48
    QT 4 - 61
    readiness - 63 ( i also hurried thru because we had to have it done by the last day)

    qbank average - 60

    sample test 1 - 66

    so do you really think the sample tests are similar to the nclex? god i hope!
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    I dont know if this will help but I am taking my nclex in 45 days AGAIN for the 4th time. But I am not counting the first 2 times as I never studied before going to exam not even a SINGLE day. I dont know I must have thought I am some kind of super hero with special powers to pass NCLEX without any review. Last, I took was with Husrt review and its good but just for core content. If I would have done kaplan qt n qbank I might have passed. Because whenever you get 265 questions that means you were really close to passing

    About your concern, same as you I looked at tons of post about kaplan, but did you realise for example out of 100 there were 2 post saying they failed with Kaplan and 98 passed, that means you have 98% chances of passes . Be Positive. God is always there to help and I am sure he is looking after you and all of us who are trying their best to pass this exam. Rest leave it upto GOD. As they 90% job is yours to work hard and left rest of the 10% upto him. And looking at you review I am very sure you gave your 90% or more.

    Good Luck and hope you pass, I will pray for you.
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    thank you so much for the encouragement! you are completely right about there are only a few people who said that they failed with Kaplan. and like my instructor said there are people that dont do any review courses and pass so its only helping us! im sorry about you not passing... but i work at a hospital and there are several GOOD nurses that had to take it 3 or more times to pass. so it doesnt make you any less of a nurse. some people are just better test takers than others. thanks again!! i need all the prayers i can get!
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    First off, I'm new to so I'm not as familiar with how this actually works. But...I wish you the best of luck on your NCLEX this coming Friday. Also, what exactly is SATA questions? I continually see this and have not a clue as to what it's referring too. I too am taking the NCLEX next week on i will say a prayer for all who will be testing this coming week. .........................As far as studying goes, I've been neglectful and will probably pay for it. I've tried to set a regimen for myself but find it hard to stay focused as school has really burned me out and am truly sick to death right now of books/studying/etc., I realize I shouldn't be but I am. So hopefully in these last few days I can get myself focused and motivated and find a way to save myself.................Again, good luck and as hard as YOU are studying I'm sure you'll be just fine
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    thank you guys for all your encouragement posts. I did my QT6 last night and got 65.5%!! I was so surprised because I thought I was doing so horrible and feeling fatigued after the first 100 which isn't good if fate wanted me to answer all 265. But none the less I'm so happy that I got that high of a score. Which means I'm doing something right lol.

    Now I went to church today, asked for guidance for this week. Now I have to rationalize all 200 questions tonight. How fun lol.

    I plan on probably doing QT7 tomorrow because it takes me a day to rationalize all those questions.

    Mon - QT7
    Tue - rationalization
    Wed - overall review + pharma review
    Thurs - absolute rest day
    Fri - Judgement day

    I will also practice with Kaplan's SATA's (Select all that apply questions) on the Alternate type quiz section on Kaplan tonight. Also some on my Saunder's book.
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    wow your scores are good! Yeah I think the sample tests are much like the nclex. But also I think QT6 is like it as well. I know QT7 will really signify if were ready or not. Try doing sample test 2. I did horrible on that one, i eliminated 2 answers and out of the 2 left i picked the wrong one

    We can do this!
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    I sure hope were part of those 98% people that will pass with Kaplan. My friend did the live class Kaplan and he had a classmate who was doing very good on her qtrainers and qbanks while he was doing average. Long story short, he passed and his classmate failed.

    But yeah it is up to God at this point. Thank you for your prayer

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