nclex day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

  1. my big day is day after tomorrow but right now i am so scared, really don't know what should i study or do i take a practice test??? please suggest something and ease my anxiety.right now its really hard to concentrate in studies, i think its my anxiety. feel like i dont know anything. about to cry. from last two days i have obsessive compulsive disorder, i open after every half hour. it really ease my anxiety when i read some good threads. please share ur last day tips so i can use them and kill this beast.
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  3. by   Peppermint_RN
    I went out to dinner with some friends and talked about things non-nursing. That's the best advice I can give. Relax. Try not to think about it. Do something to distract yourself. Studying now is just going to stress you out even more.

    You got this!

    You can do it!

    Believe in yourself!

    You WILL do GREAT!

    Good luck tomorrow!!
  4. by   raj89
    thank u so much kkahn. i will try to do my best.
  5. by   mvm00
    Quote from raj89
    i open after every half hour. it really ease my anxiety when i read some good threads.
    I test tomorrow and I'm freaking out. I thought this was so funny because I find myself on this site more too the last few days! I've always been a lurker on the site but today I actually registered lol
  6. by   ~mommyof2~
    I'm freaking out also!!!! I will be cramming tomorrow with basic stuff...i know for me this is the best strategy! i'm praying to make it through these next few days without going crazy lol
  7. by   raj89
    tomorrow i will go through my labs again. i may do one practice test in early morning. after that i will close all my books till Tuesday 2pm. and i hope i will never open them again for preparation. lol...good luck to everyone
  8. by   ~mommyof2~
    I test at 8 AM. I am for sure going to read some random posts in the fact throwing thread and the study guide from here and go over labs of course!
  9. by   deepu245
    All the best for every one...i wish that you all will meet your success..
  10. by   Noboundary
    Best of luck!!!! Two days prior to my test I reviewed my notes and took a kaplan qbank and reviewed it. The day before I just did a small review session of labs and skills and etc. After that I relaxed. On the day of my test I wore my fav comfortable clothes and listened to music on the way over there. As soon as I got in, I said a prayer and began.

    Its really all about relaxing and not freaking out. Just stay calm and you'll do well. You know your stuff so just believe in yourself.

    Best of luck!!!!