NCLEX Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) - page 3

NCLEX, an acronym that stands for National Council Licensure Examination, is a crucial gatekeeper in the nursing profession because no one is granted a nursing license in the US without... Read More

  1. by   RLtinker
    The Nclex seemed easier then some of the tests we had in NS. I passed the nclex-PN with 85 questions, granted it was much longer then any nursing test. The only thing is there seemed to be a lot of conference questions.
  2. by   grandmabutterfly
    I think there is way too much hysteria about CAT and how few versus how many questions. It seems like a psychological mind game to create anxiety and take time from actual studying by reading how the test functions. Study and know the material and understand decisions and focus on being a critical thinker. I wish there had been a class in Critical Thinking especially since NCLEX can't take into consideration for prioritization questions that a nurse will probably be doing at least two maybe three things at the same time.

    We are not being tested on the "concept of CAT" so, stop worrying about that which you cannot control and focus on studying.
  3. by   mmacdonald104
    I think of taking the nclex as a positive thing... You did SO good in nursing school, that you passed and graduated.. and are now able to go take an exam to PROVE how great you are as a new nurse. That's all it is
  4. by   Nursin&rockin
    It's all critical thinking you not given a direct answer you just have to use the right judgment for the patient. It's a skill but just practice questions to get the hang of it 😊