Nclex best review books??

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    hi. I just took my exam today and did 265 questions. I went to do pearson vue trick
    and it led me to the cc page. So yeah. I think i failed. didn't do good enough
    had a lot of control precautions and drugs which i was unfamiliar of..

    Can anyone suggest any review books or online review that i could really benefit? pls?? I read saunders and lippincot but didn't focus much. I also did ncsbn online review, but didn't help me a lot. 3 weeks is too short for all their topics.

    pls help! lol. Im desperate to pass my 2nd take. I need to prepare well and this time i'll make sure that i'm gonna do my best but of course i need the best materials.. i'm gonna prepare soon after taking a 1 week break. thank youuu!
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