NCLEX advice ???

  1. Hello everyone! I expect to graduate from nursing school next month and to take the NCLEX at the end of June after I have taken courses through Kaplan. I just need some advice as far as what worked best for some of you as you studied. I planned on going through a lot of practice questions and identifying my strengths and weaknesses (and focusing on topics accordingly). A few questions:
    1. How long did you study before you realized you were ready?
    2. Do you recommend taking a break (5-7 days) before continuing on with studying after graduation? Or just powering through until the day of the test
    3. Group studying or studying alone?

    I appreciate any responses!
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  3. by   obloom14
    1) 2 months max
    2) Take a break
    3) Study alone first , then find someone to study with who can keep up with your pace
  4. by   BMC7
    I just took it and passed. I posted some tips on what helped in the thread "April NCLEX test taker". All the best!
  5. by   darrelton
    1. i agree 2 months max is enough to make u realize ur ready
    2. take time and enjoy a short break
    3 studying alone suit me best

    and do ncbsn i highly recommend it, dont get discourage with ur scores on every test just practice and practice! goodluck and ur with my prayers
  6. by   ErinW92
    You are all very helpful!! Thank you so much for the great advice
  7. by   paufortaleza
    .2 months is enough ( well, at least for me )
    Take a break after graduation! you deserve it!
    If you don't have work that's great, you have more time to study and can enjoy at least a 2 day break each week. and dont forget to have fun and cut yourself off some slack sometimes!
    Study alone mostly, but find time to study with a friend. I found that it helps to ask each other questions and rationalize. 2 heads are better than one! Share your knowledge! you'll be surprised how much you'll learn from someone else. And the more you say the information out loud, or rationalize it to someone else, the more it will make sense to you and stick to your head.
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