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Nclex according to me!

  1. 0 ok so i finally have time to kinda share my experience with ya"ll ive been soooo busy celebrating and whatnot *does happy dance*

    so i took NCLEX PN Thursday Dec. 6

    let me tell yall i studied hard for this test! after failing 3 times before i was BEYOND determined NOT to fail again

    i used:
    Hurst Review (the old ones with Marlene and her southern drawl lol) for content
    i love those videos and Marlene is hilarious i would watch those videos religiously until i found myself like knowing the whole lecture these vids helped me understand the "whys" so like when i answer i question i know like "why" im picking it (if that makes any sense lol)

    Linda Lacharity i liked that book it was hard bur it made me think!

    Kaplan Qbank i purchased this like a month before i sat for my boards yall i love Kaplan Qbank i swear that was most like NCLEX like not only does it look exactly like NCLEX but the question are the same (Nclex was easier than Kaplan)

    NCLEX 3000 i used that to help with those dreaded SATA questions and i almost ALWAYS got those wrong I SUCK AT SATA! its just a fact but whatever lol but i swear i think i saw a few questions from there on my test it was crazy!

    Kaplan strategies book let me tell yall i literally have 3 copies of that book all different years starting from 2008 to the most recent ive read that book so many times but literally like 3 weeks before my test it actually "clicked" and it made sense my sister in law swears by it and ive always not understood it but 3 weeks ago it finally hit home

    i used Exam Cram a little but like Saunders i got bored with it i only used exam cram for questions saunders was too easy i did like 7000 questions i would do minimum 100 a day (im crazy determined lol) and a week before my test i did 200 a day

    the study guide i found on this forum it was pretty amazing i read that for like a week in oct but then 2 days before my test i read it again

    memory notebooks for nursing im a visual learner and they are basically coloring pages with cute little illustrations they helped

    i watched YouTube vids for procedures (cath,ng tube blah blah) be careful with youtube vids tho make sure u follow what Kaplan says or Saunders but i just used it as a visual in my head

    i prayed and asked God to make me a safe effective nurse i told him i desired to do his will and whatever his will is let it be done whether it be pass of fail

    any way i got 85 questions priority delegation and infection control 17 SATA lol i kept tally marks on my whiteboard so i could keep track NO MATH im horrible at math i was worried about math

    honestly the other 3 times i took it i have no idea why i even took my boards i wasnt ready it was different this time it was kinda easy dont get me wrong nclex is a hard test but if u know ur stuff the answers kinda just pop out at u

    anywho im so thankful God is good i couldnt have PASSED without his grace and mercy

    i can finally relax i have so much time on my hands lol this is the BEST Christmas present ever nothing compares not even 2 yrs ago when my dad bought me a car for Christmas lol

    remember YOU CAN do ALL things thru CHRIST which STRENGTHENS YOU im praying for all of yall

    Charity Young LPN *does happy dance*
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    Congrats!! Happy job hunting. I sit down for nclex pn 12/12/12 at 1230 for numerous numbers of times... I pray and hope that i got it this time. Been answering questions from kaplan q banks, exam cram, ncsbn and reviewing what i forgot with hurst esp strategies. I dunno if this is enough but now i leave it up to God if this is what He has in path for me. Since im unemployed i wouldnt know what to do if ever the results werent in my favor. Please keep me and everyone else in your prayers! Thanks!