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Took nclex today. in at 8 am out at 10:15 am. Very random questions, computer stopped at 85. I felt pretty good about it . Fair amount of select all that apply. More than i hoped... Read More

  1. by   davi000
    aaprimetime i have kaplan review online studying hard last 1 month. i think anxiety taking over now .my score was on Q 1 73%. Q 3 70% Q 6 265 ques.72.5%. so i thought i am good in kaplan . so i will do rest of QT just before the EXAM. then i got NCSBN review i am having below 60%. i am nervous too. so i stop doing that because NCSBN making me hopeless. so i came back to kaplan for Q 2. 56%. heart is broken now. i just want take break 2 days off study. SATA is always my problem too. always get incorrect with [ONLY ONE] miss one or extra one. what is good resources for ECG.
    which review you had and what was your score if you say i can reschedule my exam. my exam in two wks.
  2. by   aaprimetime
    I didn't do a review i just did rn cram exam and rn nclex for dummies both were good and really simplified things. I went on utube lectures to review ekg and strips. But i have been an lpn for 12 yrs that helps too.