NCLEX 2 Weeks Away.....Totally Freaking Out....HELP :)

  1. 0 My NCLEX RN exam is two weeks away. I have been doing the Hurst and my scores are hovering between 85-93/125. Kaplan Qtrainers are ranging between 58%-61%. so far my analysis and application section percentages are 60%-62%. Is that a good sign? I have to take Kaplan QT 6 and 7 next week. I'm saving them for the week prior to D-day so I have adequate time to review the questions I missed. Can anyone please give me some advise in order to prepare for the test and relieve my anxiety? This 3yr journey will be over in 2 weeks and right now its more bitter than sweet.... Help please

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    Relax! Seriously, relax.

    Sounds like you're putting in the effort. You graduated so you're no dummy. Keep plugging along. Worst case IF you fail (15% chance) no one is going throw in jail or torture you. Just take it again.
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    lol Your right. I just don't want to fail.... Obviously no one does but I feel like I am doing all that I can. Its so much information to review and there's no way to know everything. However, I will remind myself to stay focused, and relax.
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    Well tomorrow is my big day at 8am Wow it sure did come around fast. I'm as prepared as I can be at this point. Wish me luck everyone Until tomorrow.......
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    I took the test today and the computer shut off at 81 questions. 10 minutes later, I got the good pop up
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    Great news. Congrats. Do you have any study suggestions?
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    Quote from swansonplace
    Great news. Congrats. Do you have any study suggestions?
    Know your content. I used the Hurst online review, but if you can't afford it then get the review book. My test came straight out of my Hurst core content review. To test your understanding, take about 100 questions a day.

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