MY studying and Nclex experience! - page 2

Just wanted to share with you guys my experience up to today! I graduated in December took Hurst live review Jan 5-8 and received my ATT March 1st and scheduled my test today...March 25th. I was... Read More

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    Don't forget to thank your nursing instructors as well. You've probably seen the bumper sticker, "If you can read this, thank a teacher." Well, if you pass NCLEX, thank a nursing professor. Take care.
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    Def!!! Our school prepared us!! So far all of us passed!! I plan to go back to my school and tell them the great news!!
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    Congratulations! You are so right! A person can study all he/ she wants too! the most important thing is having faith in God!!! It can't be done without him!!! Once again congrats!!!
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    Blessed and highly favored!!! Thank you!!!
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    Love reading posts like these! It motivates me and keeps me positive. I have been out of school for 2 years and will take my test in 2 weeks. I couldn't help but feel nervous and was hesitant to take the test but God renewed my faith. Thanks for sharing your experience! I know with God's help and all my studying I WILL pass too!

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