My NCLEX study plan

  1. I just graduated and have been using the Linda LaCharity PDA book. I also purchased the Saunders q&a book (the blue one) and plan on signing up at NCSBN for 3 weeks. Should I also purchase the regular Saunders yellow review book? What is the difference between the 2 Saunders books?

    I plan on doing a lot of questions, reading the rationales, and then reviewing the topics of the questions I'm getting wrong. Is this how most people study?

    I also used ATI throughout nursing school and received a 94% likelihood of passing the NCLEX on the comprehensive predictor. I graduated with a 3.9, so I feel confident, but definitely want to make sure I study properly. Thanks for the advice.
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  3. by   NurseNightOwl
    Yellow Saunders is straight content (like, every single thing you either learned or should have learned in school lol). There are a few questions at the end of each section, but word on the street is that they tend to be an easier level of question than what NCLEX presents you with.

    I'm using a different comprehensive book to review for the exam, but I used the yellow Saunders to study all throughout school and I would definitely recommend it if you feel like you need a good content review source.