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hello everyone. :) i have waited for this moment for so long and now i can finally say that at last, i am a registered nurse! :nurse: yeeeyy!! :yeah: first of all, i would like to thank all of you, you just donít know it yet,... Read More

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    Can you please send me the links also


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    Star.. I passed the NCLEX RN already.. Thank God.. and also thank you, for your post served as a guide for me on what to do, and also an inspiration in my decision making back then. I'm now in a job hunting mode.. Hope you can help me again.. Are you guys hiring?
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    Hi! I'm just a new user of this website. I tried sending you a PM yet I dunno if I was able to send it since there were a few restrictions. Anyway, your NCLEX post gave some grip of hope for me. I admire your faith on Him and felt we were on the same boat in alike circumstances. I hope you can help me with the resources you had. Thanks! 😊
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    Quote from starleviosa
    I'm so sorry guys, I haven't been able to check my email lately and haven't been to the forum that's why I wasn't able to reply to you guys. I'm doing great, have a full time job as an RN in a small long term acute care hospital here in Las Vegas. Thank you yours truly for sending the files to the people who asked.

    To all the others I'll send out files on Saturday for those of you who I haven't send anything yet. You would be receiving two emails because those are two batches.

    Good luck to all of you! Pray and believe in yourself.
    Hello, your nursing journey is amazingly beautiful. Nothing is impossibld with God, you give us hope to those who failed many times, that we should not give up. God is with us until we passed the nclex!!! Plz send me ur files, i failed twice, i'm no longer afraid to take the exam.
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    Congratulations!! So happy for u. Such stories keeps me motivated, thank you for sharing. I am taking my test for 2nd time soon. I would be grateful to you if you could send me the pdf file at
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    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your journey. Would you mind if you send me some of your free materials..i would really appreciate it.
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    Hi. I would love to get your free files also. Thanks so much!!
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    Quote from gjacobs
    Hi. I would love to get your free files also. Thanks so much!!
    Can you please send me the files also?
    Thank you!!!
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    Hello. I will send d docu as soon as I can sorry for the wait..
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    Quote from konoha
    Hello. I will send d docu as soon as I can sorry for the wait..

    Can you send the files to me also? My email is

    Thank you and Congratulations!

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