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My NCLEX - for what it's worth - page 2

My preparation for the NCLEX was not stressful or lengthy. I graduated on May 3 and took the test on Sunday, June 3. The first two weeks after graduation I studied about 2-3 hours a day maybe 3... Read More

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    Congrats!!! I know it feels good!! I'm no where close to taking mine so I don't know how it feels. But I can only imagine!! Congrats again!
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    Again bravo!!! Great post...
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    Quote from Nurse Maru
    lol, I did not even care what I looked like.
    Believe me if I get that pop up when I leave I will have not one care in the world what a lunatic I will look like! Praying to God and studying hard, I need to pass this Tuesday! I refuse to have it any other way! Our graduation was 5/24 and I started my Kaplan Course on 5/15-5/30, as soon as I got my ATT I picked the first available date. For me I think the sooner the better, while everything is fresh in my mind and I am still in study mode. Hoping and praying for a good result!